Rails Strength & Fitness

Rails Strength & Fitness

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is pretty simple. You train your body IN the gym so you can function higher OUT of the gym. Functional training focuses on lifts and movement patterns, like squatting, pushing, pulling and rotating that mimic movements from everyday life. In a typical workout, multiple muscle groups and multiple joints will be working at once. What we do is scalable to accommodate different levels of experiences, injury or other limiting factors. Rails Strength & Fitness is located at 821 Railroad Ave SE (next to the Aberdeen Family YMCA). We look forward to seeing you! More information can be found at www.railsstrength.com

Who are we?

We opened our doors February 2015 in hopes to give the community a chance to experience what functional fitness is all about. Rails Strength & Fitness is affiliated through the Aberdeen Family YMCA and we are proudly the FIRST ‘Box’ located in Aberdeen, SD. Through our team, our mission is ultimately to provide the best overall workout experience we can while maintaining safety and intensity in every workout. If you have questions, please call the YMCA or contact Kristina Kessler, Rails Coordinator or 605-290-2790.

Kristina Kessler

Getting Started

We can’t wait to have you join our Rails Community!   No experience is necessary! Swing over to the Aberdeen Family YMCA front desk and the staff will get you registered for your Rails Strength & Fitness membership. From there, you are all set to start classes.  Our coaches will guide and teach you everything you need to know along the way!   Contact Kristina Kessler  or 605-290-2790.

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