Fall Reset Healthy Eating Partner Challenge

October 4, 2018 - October 7, 2018 12:00 am

Fall Reset
Healthy Eating Partner Challenge
Registration Form
Oct 4th – Nov 7th


$35/person (Pay @ Member Services or with Emily at your initial InBody Scan)


  • 1 pt. for each workout *Must be 60 minutes to get credit* (eg: CrossFit WOD, ROMWOD, walking, running,
    biking, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, Group Fitness class, MELT, water exercise, basketball,
    volleyball…ect.) (MAX OF 5 PTS. PER WEEK)
  • 5 pts. for completing each InBody scan (MAX OF 10 PTS. WITHIN THE 5 WEEK CHALLENGE)
  • 1 pt. Fruit and Veggie Challenge: Earn 1 pt. per day by getting 5 servings of fruits OR veggies combined per day. (MAX OF 7 PTS. PER WEEK)
  • 1 pt. 80 oz. water daily (FEMALES) or 100 oz. per day (MALES) (MAX OF 7 PTS. PER WEEK)
  • 1 pt. for each day you complete your food journal (MyFitness Pal App.) or you may use Food Journal pages that are provided by Emily Newton (Just ask and she will get them to you). *MyFitness Pal is an App. that is free to download and is very user friendly, please ask Emily if you need help getting set up with this App. (MAX OF 7 PTS/ PER WEEK)
  • 1 pt. for posting on Facebook Closed Group Page/Instagram (MAX OF 1 PT. PER PARTNER EACH WEEK)
  • (EXTRA CREDIT!!) 10 pts. : Crock Pot Freezer Meal Prep night on October 24th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm
  • – 1 pt. for each food item eaten that is NOT listed on the Healthy Eating Food List

Free Point Pass: Cheat Meal/Mulligan: you may purchase “cheat meals” at $5 per meal. These must be purchased at the time of registration. No points will be deducted for using this “Cheat Meal”/Mulligan option. The $5.00 covers only one meal, NOT the entire day. One Mulligan can also count for 3 drinks. You may buy 0-5 mulligans for this 5 week challenge.

***Tracking points is done on your own*** Emily will give you a tracking sheet that will help you track how many points you have earned or lost each week.

Week 1 max pts. (Oct.  4-10) = 32 pts. (initial InBody scan week)
Week 2 max pts. (Oct. 11-17) = 27 pts.
Week 3 max pts. (Oct. 18-24) = 37 pts. (freezer meal prep night week) – EXTRA CREDIT WEEK
Week 4 max pts. (Oct. 25–Oct 31) = 27 pts.
Week 5 max points. (Nov. 1–7) = 32 pts. (final InBody scan week)

Be sure to add your points to the “Leader Board” (by Wednesday of each week. (eg. Week 1 Oct.  4 – 10, this must be posted on the LeaderBoard by the end of the day on 10th

** The Challenge is done in partners **

How to Win? (one of two ways)

  1. Team who gains the most dry lean muscle %
    eg. Gaining 3.3% muscle = 3.3 points
  2. Team who has the highest number of total points at the end of the 5 week challenge



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