Wellness Center

Find your best self here. At the Y, you will find a supportive, inclusive community of individuals at every age, and every level of activity just like you working towards living a healthier lifestyle. Healthy living is a lifelong effort to maximize your ability to function well physically, mentally, socially and spiritually to reach your unique potential. By utilizing the many programs offered at the Y, we can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle balance. Finding a healthy balance between time spent working, and time with family and friends, along with personal pursuits will optimize your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Positive, healthy living choices such as eating healthy and increased activity will provide improved mood, decreased illness, weight management, stress management, and increased energy, to allow you to do the things you want to do. Through the continued use of our programs offered at the Y, you will find yourself empowered to lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

The Wellness Center is available to Y members and guests age 13 and over during normal hours of operation. Youth 9-12 may use the Healthy Living Center Monday-Friday from 3:00-5:00pm without parent supervision. With parent supervision, youth 9-12 may use the west side of the wellness center, the healthy living center or the track during facility hours. Youth must be within arm’s reach of their parents at all times.  Children 8 and younger are not allowed in the Wellness Center or Healthy Living Center.


In an effort to continually improve our members’ experiences at the Y, check out the ActivTrax training program that will create a personalized workout for you each time you visit the Y! This virtual trainer program helps you manage your fitness, weight loss, and nutrition goals. We’ve all been there – wondering what exercises to do, when to do them or even how to do them. That’s why we’ve brought you ActivTrax. This virtual trainer serves as your workout partner and understands your wants, needs, and goals. It’s simple to use, very effective and easy to get started. To receive a username and password, please register at the Y to make an appointment with a Y Staff. Once activated, you can simply login to print workouts and track your progress online.

6 Step Strength Test

YMCA Wellness coaches will assist you with a six-step strength test and help you on your way to utilizing the ActivTrax system. ActivTrax creates a new workout for you with every visit to the Y keeping things fresh and interesting. ActivTrax tells you which equipment to use, how to set the weights and how long to rest between sets. There’s even an online exercise library that shows you how to perform the exercises correctly. ActivTrax is for every member at every level; beginner, intermediate or advanced. ActivTrax guides you, tracks your progress and challenges you on your terms.

Wellness Center Orientation

We want to get started towards your goals right away! These appointments are one-on-one sessions with our wellness coaches, during which you will discuss, your goals, needs and fitness interests. This will allow us to connect with you, and direct you towards finding the right routine for you and your goals.
This is a free service and is available to all YMCA members. To schedule a Wellness Center Orientation appointment, please stop by Member Services, the Wellness Desk at the top of the stairs, or by contacting Brooke Johnson, Wellness Director. 605-225-4910

Wellness Center Advocates are available to assist you. Long time Y members Ron and Jeannie Nold would love to help you feel comfortable with the Wellness Center and everything it has to offer!